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How can we help?

Do you have a question/comment/concern about one of our products? We're here to help! Check out the FAQs or send us a message in the form below.

Is shipping really that expensive? What gives?

We use live shipping rates calculated by the shippers based on shipping weight and address. This includes a signature required charge. The fee calculated is what we are charged to ship your product. There is no handling fee.

We have a great network of retailers who carry our products and who can also special order anything that may interest you if shipping to your location is prohibitively expensive.

I am having a hard time getting my Versio/Legio module to connect to the Customer Portal. Help!

First, try a different USB cable. USB cables die all the time! Also, make sure your cable is connected directly to your computer (and not to a USB hub), and that your cable is suitable for data transfer, not simply a charging cable. We recommend this one from ElectroSmith but there are many that work.

Next, confirm that you are following this procedure:

- Log into the Customer Portal and click the Firmware tab
- Connect the module to the computer via USB
- With the USB pointed down, press and hold the right button on the back of the module.
- Press and release the left button.
- Release the right button.

One LED on the back of the module should turn off, and you should be able to connect to the Customer Portal. If you have done all of these steps and still are unable to connect, please get in touch!

I really want to know when [product] is going to be released!

So do we. So do we.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has led to a lot of slowdowns, including global parts shortages. We can’t get the parts we need to build some of the products we have ready (or almost ready) to go. We have a ton of ideas just sitting on a shelf right now.

BUT KNOW THIS: when parts start flowing again, we have a lot in store.

Is [product] in stock?

Yes! If it is not, we will mark it out of stock! We have that technology.

We're small and sometimes orders take up to a week to ship, but if we don't have something, we will not advertise that we do.

I think something on my module isn’t soldered!

It is indeed soldered, just from the front of the board. We use pin-in-paste surface mounting to minimize failures. Read more about it here!

Are you accepting applications for jobs or internships? Or do you have any suggestions on how to get started?

We're not currently accepting applications, but when we are, we'll post on all our social media channels!

We don’t take interns because we don’t have the capacity to really do the position justice: It should be an educational role and we just don’t have that bandwidth.

We do have a whole blog post about our thoughts on getting started in the module business.

Can I flash my Versio while it's still in the case?

Unfortunately, you need to be able to access the back of the module to change the firmware. In order for the processor to know that it is receiving new firmware, there is a button combination that needs to be pressed (to enter DFU mode). This is not possible to engineer from the front panel.

How do I find the serial number on my module?

The SN is not printed on the PCB itself.

Look for a sticker on the box or on the front of the PCB or back of the panel.

Look for a 3-4 digit number or a code starting with a letter followed by a 3-6 digit number (for example, B10020 or C030). It does NOT include the abbreviation of the module (e.g., BIA21 is not the serial number).

How do the plugins compare to the hardware?

Some of our plugins take inspiration from our hardware modules and some are entirely new concepts unique to the software world. If a plugin has a hardware counterpart, it will generally sound similar, and may also feature an extended number of parameters not possible on our hardware.

You can learn about the design inspirations for a particular plugin in its manual.

Is there a demo version of the plugins?

No. We offer the Freequel bundle for you to get a feel for the workflow, and lots of sound examples and videos of the paid plugins, but we are unable to offer a demo version.

Is there special pricing for multiple plugin bundles? What about other bundle options?

Great question! Yes there is! We now have Build-Your-Own Bundles. Buy two, get the third half off. Automatically, no code required. All day, every day.

I can't install the plugins / the plugins don't show up / I don't know where the plugins install.

That's not a question, but we can help.

Download the installer for your OS and run it.

If the installer is having an issue connecting:

Please turn off pop-up blockers and firewalls. These can block your internet traffic, which prevent the installer from reaching our database and registering your products.

If you can't find the products once they are installed, here's some info!

Our installer installs the plugins to the following locations specified by the formats. The format standards specify where to put files, and in turn, where DAWs should look for said files. Learn more here. You should not need to move them, but if you do, the installer will not be able to update them in a new location. Note that AAX and AU files may not be moved.

AAX: /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins/Noise Engineering/Product Name.aaxplugin
AU2: Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/
VST3: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/

AAX: C:/Program Files/Common Files/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins/Noise Engineering/
VST3: C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3/Noise Engineering/

In Ableton Live, you may need to tell it to look for VST3 plugins and rescan. You can do this in the menu under Options/Preferences/Plug-Ins.

I am a student / artist / educator and would like free plugins or products

We made the Freequel bundle for you! The workflow in the Freequel bundle is exactly the same as it is in our other plugins, so if you're just starting out, trying to teach others about sound design, or just want to make great sounds, they are a great choice! They are immediate and did we mention they are free?

We are unable to provide free hardware units at this time.

If you are looking for bulk pricing for a university, please contact us below.

What operating systems/processors are supported / what are the system requirements for NE plugins?

System requirements: 64-bit only

Windows 10+

MacOS 10.14+; Intel and M1 Native

Our Intel compatible plugins require the SSE4.1 instruction set.
This was added in the Intel 45nm Penryn architecture in 2007.
Compatible AMD processors are Bulldozer, Piledriver, Steamroller and Ryzen families.

In the Macverse any Mac built after 2010 should have the required instructions.

This is a minimum required specification.

For optimal experience we recommend Intel's Haswell or later and AMD's Ryzen family.
We also recommend Apple's desktop CPUs (M1 and friends).

If you are unsure whether our plugins are compatible with your system, please download the free bundle from our Customer Portal and try it before you purchase any Noise Engineering plugins. If it installs and works, all of our plugins will work for you!

What DAWs are supported?

Our plugins are most likely compatible with any major DAW, but we have tested them in Pro Tools, Logic, Bitwig Studio, Ableton Live, Reaper, and Cubase.

NI Komplete Kontrol is not yet supported. We have that on the roadmap but do not have a timeline.

Where do the presets save?

By default, presets are saved to the file paths below. You can save your own presets to this path, or to anywhere else on your computer.

/Users/[name]/Library/Audio/Presets/Noise Engineering/[Product Name]

C:/Users/Public/Documents/Noise Engineering/[Product Name]

Do I need an internet connection to run the plugins?

The plugins need a connection to download. Once the plugins are installed, they do not require an internet connection to operate.

Can I get the plugins in Reason? Is there a crossgrade?

Noise Engineering plugins are not compatible with Reason, but we do have Reason Rack Extensions! These are different products, however, so we are unable to offer a crossgrade.

How do I uninstall plugins/presets?

Download the installer for NE Products (available at the NE Customer Portal), click online install, and you will be given the option to uninstall your plugins (and leave your presets), or uninstall plugins AND presets. Choose wisely. You can delete the installer after that.

I'd love to see your products in VCV Rack!

We never rule anything out but VCV Rack isn't currently on the roadmap. We’re told that the plugins may work in Voltage Modular and VCV, but we have not tested them and this is not an officially supported platform.


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Please attach a clear photo of the back of the module. This often helps us diagnose the issue without you having to send us the product, so please remove the power cable before taking the photo, and upload a clear, well lit photo or two. If a video helps to show the issue, please feel free to send us a simple video too!

Please enter the file name as it appears in the upper left corner of the file upload image preview.

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Please enter the file name as it appears in the upper left corner of the file upload image preview.

If you have a question about plugin installation, check out the FAQ here for lots of answers.

If you have a question about plugin installation, check out the FAQ here for lots of answers.