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Sample Packs

Want some of that NE sound in your sampler or DAW? Look no further! We lent some of our favorite artists a case full of NE modules and they created these sample packs. ALL proceeds go directly to the creators so this is also a great way to support some amazing artists!

More Sample Packs More Sample Packs

  • Cinewave by TL + SRD
    Black and white rendering of smoke with text reading
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  • Dot Matrix by BBoytech
    Collage of hardware in an orange and green haze, with pixelated text reading
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  • Forms by Benki
    Abstract black and white sparks and smoke, the Noise Engineering logo, and text that says
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  • Noise Blocks by Boscio
    Pink and black background with a diamond in the middle, the Noise Engineering Logo, and text that says
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  • Scions by Snakes of Russia
    Black and white handwriting and metal grating, with text reading
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  • Seeds of Structure by Trovarsi
    A scattered sound bed of gnarly drum hits, percussion, effects, and risers, industriously melodic synth loops and lead lines dripping with quality and character.  | Industrial sample pack by Trovarsi and Noise Engineering
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  • Sounds + Loops by Ricky Tinez
    A densely-patched Eurorack system | Loops and beats sample pack from Ricky Tinez and Noise Engineering
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