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Modular Tips and Tricks Guest Post: Cursus as a glitch drum by Baseck

This is part of a series of guest-post tutorials from Noise Engineering users showing off various tips for NE modules, modular use in general, or how they integrate modular into their workflow.

Have someone you think would be great to write a guest post? Have a modular tip you want to submit for us to create a video around? Please submit ideas for this occasional column here.

Today we talk once again to Baseck, modular user extraordinaire whose percussion chops are unmatched. We love Baseck, from his previous guest post about how he uses the LIP to his demo at Perfect Circuit showing off the Manis so well that we wondered why we were even there.

Baseck called us one day a bit ago and told us he had this awesome thing he had to show us. We learned a long time ago that when he calls and says something like that, we need to pay attention. And yep, he had found a way to turn the Cursus Iteritas into a wicked percussion machine.

Cursus, for those of you playing along, is an oscillator based on wavelets using three different, orthogonal ideas of what frequency is (Fourier, Walsh, and Daubechies). Where Loquelic Iteritas is gross and gnarly, Cursus is meant to be a slightly more musical module, where tones are more harmonically structured. Hence our surprise that he found such a completely different use for the module! But that's really one of the fun parts from our perspective -- seeing how people take our products and use them in creative ways we never imagined.

Since we previously introduced Baseck, we'll get right to the goodies.

First, here's a quick video of the sounds he achieves using CI as the only voice.

And now, an explanation of how he gets there. The long and short of it is envelopes and lots of sequenced madness into the pitch control.

For more on Baseck, check out his social media:

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Stay tuned to the Noise Engineering blog for more tips and tricks for modular users. And if you have questions you'd like to see here, please drop us a line.

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